Family Detail Updates

Maintaining the accuracy of all the student and family records is an enormous yet important task. Your son or daughter’s school will have sent you an email that contains a unique link to your family information. Having accurate information is important for a school and having accurate information is only possible with your assistance.

The link that appears in the email you would have received from the school will only allow one set of updates to be published. It is worth noting that a copy of the email is sent to all parents and if, for example, information is submitted by one parent, the second will receive an error when they attempt to click on the link. This is done to protect your information and ensure that it is not accessible longer than it needs to be.

The link will only be valid for a limited time. The email should explain the deadline to you. After this time, any attempt to click on the link will result in an error message.

If you wish to resubmit your information, please contact the school to request that they send you another link. If the school chooses to do so, it is also possible to request your own detail update form from the school’s Parent Portal. This may not be enabled for all schools.

Your changes will not become effective immediately. The school will first need to approve each change manually to ensure that the database contains high-quality, useful data. You will not be notified when this happens.