If you’re looking at this page, there is a very good chance that there is a problem with your password that ADAM can’t help you fix. On this page, we will explain what the problem is and how to fix it.

What’s wrong?

You are using a password that is too easy to guess. This puts the information contained in ADAM at risk of exposure. To help us secure this information, we ask you to change your password to a stronger alternative.

How do I fix this?

While ADAM would love to help you fix the problem, unfortunately, your password is not managed by ADAM. When you log in to ADAM, ADAM checks with your network server (in most cases) whether the password that you’ve supplied is correct. The network server answers “Yes” or “No” and ADAM lets you in accordingly. However, all ADAM can do is ask the server whether the password is correct – ADAM does not have the ability to change your password.

You will need to change your network password to something more secure. The good news is that once you’ve changed your network password, you will be able to log into ADAM with your new password immediately.

If you use this same password anywhere else on the internet, you should make sure to change it!

How do you check for common passwords?

Instead of requiring password complexity, we use a service called PwnedPasswords to check for common passwords. This service collects passwords from all over the Internet and collects them in a database. They record how many times they have seen the passwords before and that is how we know whether you’re using a common password.

More information about the service and how we use it without giving away your password can be found on their website.

What is a good password?

The best password is a random one. We recommend the use of a password manager to help manage your passwords.

A good password should, above all things, be long. Most sites require an 8 character minimum length password. ADAM enforces a minimum of 8, but more is always better.

Try and avoid names, words and patterns. The closer your password looks to random, the better. The real problem is that good passwords are really hard to make and really hard to remember. That’s why we recommend a password manager. It means that you need to remember only one password while your password manager remembers the rest.