Pupil Management Features

Comprehensive pupil database

  • Record and maintain each pupil’s electronic file with personal information and all the linked information stored and generated by ADAM.
  • Upload a picture for each pupil into your database for quick reference.
  • Use the┬ámessaging system┬áto e-mail or SMS pupils. This can be used for sending homework assignments and reminders!

Reports & Labels

  • Names and Faces list with parent contact information.
  • Phone lists.
  • A variety of labels for pupils, parents, eldest / youngest children and more.

Points and Records System

As flexible as your school needs!

  • Record Merits, Demerits, service points, cultural points or any other points system.
  • The recording of points can automatically trigger further events (a certificate after 20 merits, or a detention after 5 demerits).
  • Record Detentions, Awards, and any other event, with a built in register to see who still needs to attend.