Absentee Records

This module is part of the core functionality provided by ADAM. 

Custom Categories:
ADAM can report and monitor a pupils absence from school according to a defined set of categories, decided on by the school itself. 

Message parents of absentees:
ADAM has the ability (with the messaging centre) to SMS parents and absent pupils to confirm their absence.

Absence Statistics:
ADAM has a number of reports to show the different trends in your pupils’ absenteeism.  

Absentee Alerts:
Alerts can be sent to specific staff members when pupils have been absent for a predetermined number of days. This allows those in charge of grades or phases to keep tabs on absentee rates and contact parents prior to absences becoming habitual. 

Attendance Registers

Attendance registers are different from the absentee records in that they are designed to keep track of attendance at events such as practices and rehearsals. A register can be kept for any class, sports team or cultural group and the teacher in charge can maintain a number of different records. 

This module can also be used to keep track of anything which a teacher might have used a tick list for previously. 

Comprehensive pupil database

ADAM records and maintains all pupil files electronically with personal and linked information both stored and generated by ADAM. Uploading a picture for each pupil to their ADAM profile also assists with quick reference. 

The messaging centre may also be used to send e-mail or SMS messages to pupils for items such a homework, assignments and reminders.

Points and records system

This module allows your school to be as flexible as required. You are able to record merits, demerits, service points, cultural point or any other point system required to be kept. Recording of points can also automatically trigger further events such as certificates for merit, or discipline for demerits. All events such as these includes a built in register to see who needs to be in attendance. 


The Questionnaire module was developed to assist grade controllers in finding out information from other teachers about the pupils in their classes. A number of templates are set up with a set of completely customised questions. Questions can be multiple choice type questions or even longer paragraph responses. 

The templates can then be allocated to pupils. Teachers of those pupils are e-mailed and when they next log into ADAM, the teachers are asked to fill in the questionnaires for the pupils that they teach. 

Reports and labels

ADAM is able to produce a names and faces list with parent contact information, as well as phone lists and a variety of labels for pupils, parents, eldest and youngest children. 

SA-SAMS compatible

By law, all South African schools are required to submit data to the LURITS system maintained by the Department of Basic Education (DBE). ADAM is able to export data to the SA-SAMS database for submission to the district offices of the Department of Education. 

Sign ups

ADAM includes a module to allow for learners to sign up for activities, streamlining the process of collecting information. From here it becomes easy to communicate with these groups using ADAM’s integrated messaging centre.