Family Management Features

Comprehensive family database

  • Complex family structures can be established to reflect the true structure of each pupil’s family. This includes multiple sets of parents, sponsors, and other relatives. There are an unlimited number of relationship that can be created between a pupil and many different family groups.
  • Families can also have multiple children associated with them. This means that if a phone number changes, it needs to be updated in one place only.
  • The messaging system allows easy and quick communication to parents. ADAM uses its flexible class groups to be able to send messages to any groups of parents: for example, sports arrangements and last minute changes can be sent to the team instead of the entire school.

Easy to produce reports

  • Print out a Names and Faces list for use by the school’s staff easily and with minimal fuss!
  • Phone lists for discrete groups of pupils are easy to produce. If teachers are taking a school tour, its simple to get a the details of the pupils on the trip.