Comprehensive family database

Complex family structures can be established to reflect the true structure of each pupil’s family. This includes multiple sets of parents, sponsors, and other relatives. There are an unlimited number of relationship that can be created between a pupil and many different family groups.

Families can also have multiple children associated with them. This means that if a phone number changes, it needs to be updated in one place only.

The messaging system allows easy and quick communication to parents. ADAM uses its flexible class groups to be able to send messages to any groups of parents: for example, sports arrangements and last minute changes can be sent to the team instead of the entire school.


ADAM includes an integrated messaging centre which allows communication with parents via both email and SMS. Specific groups of parents can be selected to receive information related to academic classes or sporting and other activities to reduce the amount of junk mail flagged by parents. A mail merge functionality is also available to personalise emails and SMS messages received from the school. 

Easy reporting

Creating reports is done with ease as staff are able to create and print out names and faces lists of pupils with minimal fuss. Phone lists for groups of pupils are easy to produce and if teachers and pupils are heading on an excursion it is a simple task to get the details of those on the trip.  

Family detail updates

Maintaining the accuracy of student and family records is an enormous yet important task. With ADAM you will receive a unique link to your family information specifically, and with your assistance can be kept updated should anything change. The school will be required to approve each change to ensure that the database contains both high quality, accurate and useful data. 

This link is valid for a limited time and the deadline to update will be communicated to you. It is also possible to update your information via the ADAM Parent Portal which makes a number of resources available to you as a parent.