Apart from the data management features within ADAM, there are a number of other features which many of our schools make extensive use of. 

Admissions and enrolment

ADAM has a customisable admissions feature which allows schools to create an admissions process that maps their existing workflow. Three broad categories exist for this feature: Admissions, Current pupils and Alumni. 

Any amount of customisable registration statuses can be created within each, making for an ease of reference when managing new pupil enrolment in particular. An online application form means less manual data input by administrators and therefore less errors. Administrators should however, always double check information included by applicant parents against the received supporting documents. 

Enrolling a sibling is also a user friendly process with parents using the same ID number for an application, meaning siblings are automatically assigned to existing families within the database. 

Co-curricular management features

ADAM is able to create a number of customised groups and therefore offers a streamlined solution to managing sports teams. Using the messaging system, sports teams can be contacted via SMS to inform them of any last minute changes and cancellations. 

By using ADAM’s points and awards system (for example, colours or honours), awards and achievements can be tracked online. 

SMS integration

ADAM integrates with a number of external SMS service providers to facilitate the sending of SMS messages directly from ADAM and without the worry of maintaining two separate sets of phone numbers. You may (as the client) choose the provider from our list of current partners that best meets your needs. You will form agreements with them directly, and a simple once-off configuration will facilitate the integration of the two. 

Parent and pupil portal

Many schools open the parent and pupil parents to improve the information that is available to parents. There are a number of different steps that need to be taken before access can be successfully given to these parties. Both pupil and parent logins will require privilege groups to be set up, but once done a variety of information (including reports and a booking for parent teacher meetings as two examples) will be available. 

POPIA compliance

ADAM continues to work towards helping schools to be compliant in terms of the Protection of Personal Information Act. To this end, ADAM has the ability to scrub old data from your database, limit which staff members can access which categories of information and respond to requests for information. Given the nature of the implementation of this law, it may be necessary to make changes at short notice to introduce additional features as required. 

Timetable Module

The timetable module displays current timetables in ADAM for staff and pupils, and allows both to subscribe to their timetables using third-party calendar software, including Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook and the calendar app on iphones and ipads.