Why schools love ADAM!

Teachers love ADAM

ADAM is easy and intuitive for teachers to use – it is the most frequent feedback we receive! ADAM is web based, meaning teachers can access it from anywhere that there is a web browser. If school infrastructure allows, ADAM can also be accessed remotely. ADAM works on any device that can browse the Internet. 

Furthermore, ADAM saves teachers time with mark recording and analysis. Record it once and ADAM has it for further analysis at a later stage. 

Administrators love ADAM

Data stored within ADAM’s database is yours and we don’t want to get in the way of that. ADAM supports easy export via CSV files or through simple copy-and-paste to Excel. We believe that your data is your data and as a school you will have full access thereto.

Network Managers love ADAM

ADAM uses existing servers and infrastructure for user authentication. ADAM can export class lists and enrolment details to your school’s Moodle server. ADAM is based on Open Source technologies and because it is web based, can run on any computer without any software installations. ADAM is designed to be compatible with current web standards, meaning it will be usable on any device that can display web pages.

Parents love ADAM

ADAM supports parent logins to see specific information about their children. This includes archived reports, academic progress and absenteeism. ADAM promotes the ideals of transparent assessment. In addition, the messaging centre built into ADAM allows your school to keep parents informed using e-mail or SMS.

Pupils love ADAM

Pupils also have an optional login which allows them to see their marks and academic progress.