ADAM is a web-based school information management system designed specifically for South African schools. It has been designed with academics and the management of this data as its core function. ADAM has academic analysis and usability for teachers at its heart.

We Believe

  • Outstanding education involves more than marks: education is a relationship that is formed between students and their teachers, and parents.
  • Excellent schools use a wide variety of information to make informed decisions about the young men and women that they educate.
  • Quality teachers need to focus on the pupils in their classrooms and not on learning how to use administration systems.
  • The education process must be a transparent one. Good schools are open about what happens in their classrooms so that parents and pupils will trust the education process.

Schools Love ADAM!

  • Teachers Love ADAM
    ADAM is very easy for teachers to learn! It is the most frequent compliment we are paid.
    Because ADAM is web-based, teachers can access ADAM from anywhere there is a web browser. If the school infrastructure allows, ADAM can also be accessed from their homes, over the Internet. ADAM works on any device that can browse the Internet.
    ADAM cuts down repetitive work such as mark recording and analysis… Record it once, and ADAM has it for further analysis later on!
  • Administrators Love ADAM
    The data stored within ADAM’s database is yours and we don’t want to get in the way of that. ADAM supports easy export via CSV files or through simple copy-and-paste to Excel. We believe that your data is your data and don’t try to keep it from you.
  • Network Managers Love ADAM
    ADAM uses existing servers and infrastructure for user authentication. ADAM can export class lists and enrolment details to your school’s Moodle server.
    ADAM is based on Open Source technologies. Because it’s web-based, it can run on any computer without any software installations.
    ADAM uses is designed to be compatible with current web-standards meaning it will be usable on any device that can display web pages.
  • Parents Love ADAM
    ADAM supports parent logins to see specific information about their children. This includes archived reports, academic progress and more. ADAM promotes the ideals of transparent assessment. In addition, the Messaging Centre built into ADAM allows your school to keep the parents informed using e-mail and SMS.
  • Pupils Love ADAM
    Pupils also have an optional login which allows them to see their marks and academic progress.


“After years of frustration, ADAM is the most powerful, intuitive, simple school reporting software I have ever come across.” – Have a look at the testimonials of some of the schools currently using ADAM. Your school could soon be one of them!


Although ADAM is built with the teacher in mind, it has many more features which should meet the needs and requirements of school management, administrative staff and the technical support staff. Explore the features to find out why ADAM is suited to your school!