Felixton College

Ken Krige, Headmaster: March 2013

After years of frustration, ADAM is the most powerful, intuitive, simple school reporting software I have ever come across.

Beaulieu College

Sven Zimmermann, Deputy Head: Academics: August 2009

The ADAM administration system introduced to Beaulieu College three years ago has revolutionised the way the College has been reporting on assessment at the College and allowed all staff, computer literate or not, to comfortably work off the same system.

Before the ADAM administration system, the Academic staff were using a number of different ways of recording their results. Some staff were still using cumbersome mark books where they were manually calculating their results every term and some were retaining their results on an excel spreadsheet.

In addition to this the College had worked its way through two different reporting systems which were found to be particularly confusing and complicated and so only one or two staff members could utilise the reporting system. A constant annoyance with previous systems was also the lack technical support provided if there were problems. At times it was difficult to acquire this support or even understand this support.

As the then-newly appointed Academic Head I wanted a system that was user-friendly, could be accessed by all staff, could facilitate a number of needs like analytical data in various forms, that could present longitudinal representations of pupil results across their entire school career or just simply from one term to the next. I wanted a system that I could access when ever necessary for my own school analysis or departmental analysis. I wanted a system that could provide data to all Academic staff to allow clear interpretation and efficient remediation.

ADAM has the ability to adapt to all these needs and more and that is what has made ADAM integral to the professional functioning of Beaulieu College. In fact the Academic staff feels that it has given us the cutting edge over most of our competitors and allowed us to present a very professional approach to recording results, analysing results and providing constructive and efficient feedback and to pupils, parents and staff.

ADAM is a proactive system that has the capacity to adapt to various ongoing and developing needs at the College and most importantly allow Academic departments to take ownership of their results, their analyse and their feedback and therefore it has become central to the professional service the College is following. It has adapted to all the visionary needs with regards to assessment and become a very necessary tool in the recording, remediation and communication of these assessment needs.

ADAM is adaptable to the ever-changing needs of a modern school and therefore I am very happy to endorse the success of this administration system.

Highbury Preparatory School

Des Dunstone, Report Controller and ICT Teacher: August 2009

About 4 years ago we were looking to use a computer-based programme to assist our teachers in the writing of reports. We had used MS Word as our main means of writing reports but this meant that copies of reports still had to be printed and filed in a hard copy format. We looked at various programmes that were available to us, but no programmer was prepared to tailor make our report format. We had to choose from the options that they had available. As we are a school with 4 phases this could never have worked for us.

On a visit to Bridge House, I was introduced to ADAM. We have piloted ADAM now for 2 years at Highbury School and the journey has been remarkably smooth. ADAM is a very user friendly program and we now keep all our student records in this program. We have previously used another computer-based program to keep all our student and parent information to prepare our Financial Statements, but from next year we will use ADAM for all our Student and Staff administration and swap to an accounting based programme for the Financials.

We now have all our Academic and Admin Staff using ADAM on a daily basis, from entering absentees to discipline issues. When parent interviews are held, teachers are able to have the screen shots available at the touch of a button, when discussing a pupil’s progress. Our hard-copy filing is now at a minimum!

[The developers have] at all times been most accommodating and approachable when we have made specific requests for adaptations to the programme. Updates have been sent through promptly and support has been there for every step of the way. The ability to change our report format within the different phases of the school has been a very big advantage over other programmes that we have viewed. Another deciding factor for us choosing ADAM was that it was written in php language, which meant that should the programmer decide not to continue with support, we could find support elsewhere.

We have no hesitation in recommending this programme to be implemented in other schools and we are very happy to allow other schools to view the programme in action.