ADAM is a web based administration system run completely on Open Source architecture: the popular Apache, MySQL and PHP (AMP). Variations of this software exist for all major Operation Systems – Windows, Linux and others. 

Due to ADAM being a web based programme, no software installation is required on computers and an internet browser is all that is needed. ADAM can therefore also be accessed via your mobile phone. Depending on your school’s internet set up, ADAM can also be accessed by staff at home. A single database on a central server means that the system can easily be backed up and maintained and the centralised nature of the installation, means that upgrading the software is a single operation – no need to install patches on every computer. 


Security is controlled through a strict privilege system. Users only have access to the features which they need. These can be administered very specifically to allow for an unlimited number of combinations. 

User authentification can be performed by LDAP for Active Directory, POP3 or by using internal passwords. In the first two instances, ADAM performs a login externally and if successful, allows the user access. This has the advantage that if a user account is disabled in Active Directory (for example) their login to ADAM will automatically be denied as well. 

ADAM also allows parent and pupil logins which are completely separate from the staff logins. Parents and pupils have read only access to very specific features. 


ADAM is able to offer a hosting service to our clients, should you not be in a position to manage your own server. If we do host your server in the cloud, there is no need for you to update the ADAM server. All updates and maintenance tasks are taken care of on your behalf. 

If you host and manage your own server, then you will need to apply updates yourself when these become available.