Technical Features


  • ADAM runs on completely Open Source architecture: the popular Apache, MySQL and PHP (AMP). Variations of this software exist for all major Operating Systems (Windows, Linux and others).
  • No software installation is required on the computers – the internet browser is all that is needed. In fact, you can even access ADAM on a cell phone!
  • Depending on the school’s internet setup, ADAM can be accessed by staff at home.
  • A single database on a central server means that the system can easily be backed up and maintained.
  • The centralised nature of the installation means that upgrading the software is a single operation: no need to install patches on every computer.


  • Security is controlled through a strict privilege system. Users only have access to the features they need. These can be controlled very specifically to allow for an unlimited number of combinations.
  • User authentication can be performed by LDAP for Active Directory, POP3 or by using internal passwords. In the first two instances, ADAM performs a login externally and if successful, allows the user access. This has the advantage that if a user account is disabled in Active Directory, for example, their login to ADAM will automatically be denied also.
  • ADAM also allows parent and pupil logins. These logins are completely separate from the staff logins and parents and pupils have read-only access to very specific features.