The pricing for ADAM is based on the number of terms your school runs over as well as the number of pupils within your establishment. ADAM is not modular and therefore all clients benefit from any new features and functions. 


1. Set up and configuration fee

2. Administrative Training:
This is usually done online but can be done at your school at additional travel costs. Training covers four main areas, each of which is targeted to a certain administrator or user group within your institution. Each session is typically 2 hours long.  

3. Report Template set up:
Your report templates may be set up to replicate your current ones, or alternatively, can be amended to suit a new set of requirements. Report template changes are also able to be made at a later stage (at an additional cost) should the way in which you display your reporting need to be amended. 

4. Data Import:
Import costs are set at a baseline amount but import time (and therefore cost) will depend on the quality of the data received.  

Annual Licensing Fee

ADAM is not modular and your annual licensing fee therefore includes all new features developed and implemented by the ADAM team, as well as any and all updates and fixes. The licensing fee (which can be billed annually, quarterly or monthly) also includes a limited number of support hours for end-user queries.   

Should you decide to be hosted on the ADAM platform, the cost of this will include daily off-site backups, server management and security updates.