Academic Management Features

ADAM is unique in the realm of School Management Systems. Its primary focus is academic data management. This provides it with unique advantages to teachers and the management of the school: ADAM puta academics first and not as an afterthought!

User Friendly

  • Not every teacher has the time to sit down and learn the ins-and-outs of a new system. ADAM relies on what they already know and the system aims to be intuitive and easy to navigate.

OBE Compliance

  • Complete integration of Learning Outcomes (LOs) and Assessent Standards (ASs) as prescribed by the National Curriculum Statements.
  • Custom subjects for internal purposes (such as enrichment subjects) with fully customisable Learning Outcomes and Assessment Standards for these subjects.

Class lists and enrolments

  • Any type of group can be created on ADAM: academic classes, sports teams, society memberships, touring groups and more. These group lists integrate tightly into the rest of ADAM.
  • Scratch lists for any group of pupils with highly customisable content.
  • Complete and detailed reports on subject changes.
  • Perform class enrolments from the point of view that makes sense: enrol a new pupil into multiple classes or multiple pupils into a new class.

Integrated OBE-compliant markbook

  • Record marks against learning outcomes for better analysis of results. Thus keep track of Learning Outcome results with minimal effort from your teachers.
  • Teaching assistants allow for many teachers to access the same markbook.
  • Marks are recorded into customisable categories, such as “Standardised Assessment”, “Continuous Assessment” or “Examinations”. At the junior level, these might be “Tests”, “Project Work” and others.

Reporting System

  • Report on Learning Outcomes, or even Assessment Standards (useful at foundation phase).
  • Indicate levels for ASs
  • Indicate levels and/or comments for LOs
  • Indicate levels, marks and/or comments for the subject or Learning Area as a whole
  • Ability to generate generic comments with pupil name personalisation (“^n has done well!” = “Johnny has done well!”).
  • AJAX-enabled reporting system means that comments and marks are saved as they are entered with prominent visual cues to the users.
  • Reports can be e-mailed automatically to parents and guardians.
  • Reports are PDF-generated to ensure consistent appearance.
  • Reports are customised for customers to match their current or desired reporting requirements.
    • This includes customisation to print on letter-head or special front covers.

Integrated results analysis

  • ADAM will never be a replacement for quality teachers to help struggling learners, ADAM can quickly identify a pupil’s relative performance in a Grade and look for worrying trends.
  • Generate reports on distinctions and failures
  • Generate reports on pupils who have improved significantly or who have dropped significantly relative to the rest of their grade.
  • Generate symbol distribution graphs for each class in each grade.
  • Generate promotion schedules for each grade, showing results from all subjects.
  • Generate Grade rankings on overall aggregate or on individual subjects.
  • Results can be exported to Excel for further analysis in a pivot table.