Updating ADAM: FAQ

Do I need to update my ADAM server?

If we are hosting your ADAM server in the cloud, then the answer is “No”! We take care of all updates and maintenance tasks for you.

If you host and manage your own server, then you will need to apply the update yourself when updates become available.

What version of ADAM (revision) is my server on?

At the bottom of the ADAM screen, click on the “Debug” text and a panel will slide out with the following information on it. This provides a bunch of useful information, but the version number has been highlighted below.


In this case, the server is on revision 4778 of the code.

What if I don’t have an update to apply?

If you’ve received an email giving details of a new update but your server still reports “No updates are available for your server” when you log in or visit the Update page (Administration >> Updates >> Update ADAM updates), one of two things is happening:

  1. The update has not yet been downloaded. Your server will check for updates at 6am each day. There might have been an interruption in network communication when the update downloaded. If this is the case, the update will be downloaded tomorrow at 6am.
  2. If, after several days, the update still isn’t available, it might be because your server is restricted from going onto the Internet. Your IT department will need to ensure that there are no rules on the firewall which would block your server and, if there are, create exceptions for your server.

Can I manually check for an update?

Absolutely! To do this, visit the Update page (Administration >> Updates >> Update ADAM updates):


Click on the link “Click here to download older documentation and updates.” ADAM will then send you to the update website where you can check if any updates are available:


In this example, no new version is available! If a new version is available, this message will change.

Where do I see what’s changed?

Under normal circumstances, the changes are sent as an attachment to the email. However, it is possible that the mail was lost or no attachment was given. To see the accompanying documentation, follow the instructions for checking for an update manually (see above). The links for the documentation are also provided on that page for any new updates and for the last three updates.